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Share your concerns about the cost of your precription before your physician writes for a certain medication.  A visit to any physician is wasted if you find you are unable to follow the recommended treatment because of cost.  Your doctor will focus on your medical care and may be unaware of your financial or insurance situation.

Many local pharmacies offer generic medications at reasonable cost.  There is a $4 per month formulary (list) which includes common medications for hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.  Often the price for a three month supply is even less because it does not need to be processed monthly.

Some antibiotics are generic and a treatment course may be available at $4 for the prescription.  Keep in mind, however, that the best medication for you may cost significantly more.

Walmart, Target, Sam's Club (no membership needed for prescriptions), and K Mart are the chain pharmacies which offer the $4 generics.  Small, local pharmacies also try to meet those prices and give their clients the best price possible.  Walgreens has an annual fee to access their $4 plan medications.

It can help to "shop" around for the best pricing as pharmacies and locations can provide significantly different prices on the same medication.  A strong word of warning about this, however, since the safest practice is to get all of your medications from the same pharmacy.  A pharmacist is your best advocate on safety and will be vigilent about drug interactions. In the event you have prescriptions from multiple physicians, you should be certain that your pharmacist is aware of all the medications you take at any given time.

Because of minimum markup rules in Wisconsin, some medications cost more here than in other states.  Not every generic medication is in the $4 per month cost category.

Medications that are only available as Brand name include those medications that are still under patent by the pharmaceutical company which developed them.  They are often the latest development in the fight against certain diseases and illnesses and can be expensive.  The pharmaceutical companies will often assist the uninsured or underinsured patient who fits into their income guidelines by providing free medication.  You will need to contact them, provide them with proof of income, and, if you qualify, you will ultimately need to ask your physician to complete the physician portion of paper work and send in the prescription.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance for brand name medications can be accessed on line at www.pparx.org or toll free at 1-888-477-2669.  A trained specialist will answer your questions and help you apply.



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