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Medication Assistance


Brand Name Drug Assistance Programs

Pharmaceutical companies often assist uninsured and underinsured patients, who meet their income guidelines, get free brand name medications. Because there are many companies with different guidelines, a central place to start is the Partnership for Prescription Assistance program online or by calling (888) 477-2669.  A trained specialist will answer your questions and help you apply.

Discounted Generic Drugs
($4 drug programs)

Your physician may also prescribe a generic medication which can be purchased for around $4 at most pharmacies making these medications very affordable for most people.  Be aware, however, that the programs vary slightly, but you can find several of the lists here.

Free Drug Card Programs

Several organizations have created free prescription drug cards to help you save money.  Savings vary substantially from drug to drug and card to card, but some programs, like Your RX Card, allow you to view prices online.  You can also call (888) 620-1749 for a discount card that is accepted by 9 out of 10 pharmacies nationwide.


Additional discount programs may be available.



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