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Registration begins at 5:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Patient Testimonial - Sally
Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic is a lifeline medical facility to me because my employer only hires part-time, so they do not need to offer health, dental, and vision benefits.  I am not sure what I would do without this type of clinic because my income does not give me enough to purchase affordable health insurance.  The staff and doctors are great.  Thank you.

Donor Testimonial - Sara
Approximately four years ago, I sought service at your clinic.  I was working full-time, but at a position with no health insurances benefits and low wages.  The members of your staff treated me with great respect, professionalist, and kidness in which seems to be rarity in medicine these days.  You mission is one I feel strongly about.  Fortunately, life has made a considerable turn, and I hope that this contribution will help to get others on their feet.

Patient Testimonial - Anonymous
I have no insurance.
I have high blood pressure.
I have a job that barely pays my rent and electric.
I truly appreciate this clinic.  I live alone, children all grown.  This clinic and the very caring staff are my lifesavers.  Thank you.

Patient Testimonial - Margarita
The experience of coming to this clinic was excellent.  It is a blessing.  I have always received the best treatment.

 Voluteer Testimonial - Dottie (Receptionist)

I heard Kathy speaking in my church 5-6 years ago.  I had been blessed by the medical community, and while I'm not a medical person, I was able to help in this way [as a receptionist].  Every once and awhile a patient comes up and says "Thank You so much, I don't know what I would've done if you weren't here."  The students and doctors are open and treat all patients with dignity and kindness.  I feel proud to volunteer here.  The clinic is very efficient, but it's been difficult to find enough donations to support it.  We've always been working with so little.

Patient Testimonial - Anonymous
It's hard to get on your feet.  Having a free clinic is amazing help.  The staff is very helpful and friendly:  something you don't normally see in this type of setting in Milwaukee, sadly.  Having this clinic has helped me, I don't know of any other way to say it.

Patient Testimonial - C.
Depite doing what the Director of HR told me to do, I was denied unemployment compensation when I lost my job over a year ago.  The COBRA offered was more than my rent.  Despite current economic indicators, the job opportunities for my skill level in the Metro Milwaukee area are currently as small as I have ever seen them, and fewer still for those of us who do not own cars.  I have made ends meet by being a Temp, but as is commonly known, Temp Agencies offer next to nothing in the way of benefits.  I suffer from Type I Diabetes, Grave's Disease, PCOS, and Chronic Depression.  I explained all of this so you will understand me when I implor you, beg you, humbly ask you to please consider the Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic for your donation.  I would be lost without them, and there are many others who are in similar straits.

Patient Testimonial - Anonymous
This is an unusual situation that I require the services of a free clinic.  I cannot begin to thank you for your services.  Without my medications I am in grave danger of a stroke or heart attack. 
P.S. I.O.U

Volunteer Testimonial - Roberto (Medical Interpreter)
I heard about the GMFC while standing in line at an event.  People were saying the clinic had a few Hispanic patients but no interpreters.  I was in school to be an interpreter, so I spoke up and volunteered.  I've been here for three years, and I enjoy the challenge and diversity.  I like being able to allow them to communicate and receive service when they have nowhere else to go.  Think about times when you might have needed service and not have been able to receive it.  You can help someone, and any time of the year is a good time to help.

Patient Testimonial - Anonymous
The staff is very friendly, courteous and concerning from the receptionist, nurses to the doctors.  They have gone above and beyond the care I feel I need.  Overall, I am totally satisfied with this clinic.  The stories you hear about "FREE" clinics do not go for this office.  medicine is free-if not they tell you where to get the best but cheaper prescription filled.

Patient Testimonial - Anonymous
It gives me help I can afford.  It's keeping me alive.  Thank you all.



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